West Kelowna Pickleball Club

On-court Coaches

Have you ever been on the court and have a question about tactics, technique, rules, etiquette etc come up? The next time that happens scan the courts for a Player Development Team member. These PDT members can be easy to spot if they are wearing their PDT shirts. Whenever you see someone wearing one of these shirts feel free to approach them with any questions or even requests to join you as a player/coach that day. PDT members will wear shirts of different colours but they will all have the PDT logo on them, as see here. We hope that you will make use of these awesome volunteers.

Player Development Opportunities

Our Player Development Team is headed by Ed Stuerle. Ed and his team have put together various player development opportunities. These include:

  • Clinics
  • Drilling
  • In Game Coaching
  • Pickleball Machine


Clinics will be lead by our Head of Player Development Ed Stuerle and his exceptional team. More details will be announced early in the season.  

Drill The Skill

Drilling is an important part of developing your pickleball game. Developing solid, consistent strokes can be accomplished more efficiently by drilling. The Player Development Team offers Drill The Skill sessions twice per week. Mondays and Thursdays are now at 5:30 pm (a ball machine is also available, free of charge, during this time – see below register). Details are available on the Hold My Court page.

In Game Coaching

In-Game-Coaching differs from traditional pickleball lessons/clinics in that participants will be in a game situation with a coach providing feedback. These sessions focus more on tactics and strategies than on skill and drill. A coach will observe, provide feedback and might insert themselves into the game in order to demonstrate key concepts. You must register your group for this weekly event which begins at 11:30 on Tuesdays. You can register a group of 3 or 4 players. If you are registering as a group of 3 players the coach will complete the foursome and will play and coach (yes they are that talented). You will receive an email with your scheduled IGC session information the week prior to your session. In Game Coaching will begin in May You can register here.

You will receive an email about a week before your In Game Coaching session. If you want to get a rough idea as to when your session will occur you can check out this spreadsheet 

 NOTE: Circumstances often change and your projected session date that appears on the spreadsheet might change as well. Receiving an email confirmation a few days prior to your session is the only way to accurately know your IGC session date. 

Pickleball Machine

The Pickleball Machine is available on Monday evenings. A volunteer will meet you and help you set up the machine. You must register to use the pickleball machine.

You can register here 

An email will be sent out on Saturday informing registrants that their turn is coming up that week. Once you have had your pickleball machine session you can register for another session by visiting this page and clicking on the registration link.

2021 Trainers Appreciation Gift

Our Club is very blessed to have Ed Stuerle as its extremely dedicated head instructor of player develepment.  These Club members presented Ed with a gift on behalf of all Club members who benefited by his commitment to the Members.


Ed Stuerle – Head of Player Development at the WKPC

Ed is a member of Pickleball Coaching International and is the founder of Funky Bounce Pickleball Academy (www.funkybounce.ca). He was a teacher/coach for over 35 years and he loves working with people who are looking to improve their game. 

If you are looking for semi-private or private coaching check out the people listed below:

Roz Condrashoff


I will take anywhere from 1- 4 people and COVID regulations need to be respected.

Depending on the person or group I can work on shots, shot selection, how to be a good pair partner and or the strategy of the game. I will give you ways to practice so you can get better outside of playing games. If there is something special you wish to work on it is helpful if you let me know ahead of time. Please let me know all of the times when you are available so I can schedule a good time for both of us.

Among the many teaching courses I have taken I am a qualified certified instructor with the the International Foundation of Players Academy.  I have been competing in tournaments for many years.

In lieu of payment I ask for a donation to KidsSport made through the Club which is the charity the Club supports

Roz 250-707-1257  or rozamatoz@hotmail.com

Faron Ward

Faron offers customized lessons to the beginners thru to 3.5 level players. Each lesson will be a 90 min session. Faron is an experienced pickleball coach and is NCCP certified.

To book a lesson, Faron can be contacted by phone at 250-899-8018 or email at leveluppickleballacademy@gmail.com .

Facebook page:


Roberta Meakin


Roberta is a 5.0 Tournament rated player with a UTPR of 5.3. 

If you are looking to improve your game, Roberta Meakin is a Pickleball Teacher who has been instrumental in bringing new players to our club.

She has a total of 10 medals at Canadian Nationals, between 2013-2018 and won the Kamloops Open Ladies Doubles 5.0 division for 4 years straight from 2016-2019 and medalled those years in Mixed Doubles. Roberta has competed with and against some of the top players in North America, including Canadian player Steve Deakin. Roberta is a Member of Pickleball Coaching International and has been instructing Pickleball since 2013.  Roberta is a retired Children’s Ballet Instructor. Ballet requires an eye for detail, which Roberta uses in her pickleball coaching.  She is an instructor who is passionate about helping any level player improve their game. You can find her group clinics offered with West Kelowna Recreation for Learn to Play and Novice skill levels. She also specializes in private coaching Intermediate and Advanced players. Roberta looks forward to helping Club members raise the level of their game.  If you want to make a real impact in your game contact her:  mmballet@hotmail.com or FB: Roberta Meakin Pickleball Instructor or website: https://rmpickleball.ca 


Thank you!