WKPC ‘HOLD MY COURT’ Booking Procedures

                               Establishing your group and playing times:

At this point in time, you can make a reservation at 5:00 pm or later for the following 3 calendar days. This should make sense when you log into the ‘Hold My Court’ site. You can register for one time slot for any or all days showing. If we find this is not meeting the club member’s needs, we will limit the number of days you can book during those available days or adjust the number of days showing.

Step 1 – Four members agree to play together during club time on a specific day.
Step 2 – Your group then selects one member to make the reservation. The person selected will be the “reserving member” for the group for that reservation.
Step 3 – The “reserving member” for the group makes the reservation on Hold My Court as per instructions below, and will receive a confirming email.
Step 4 – The “reserving member” notifies the others in the group that a reservation has been made and lets them know the court number, starting time and gate to be used. The “reserving member” must add the first name and last initial of the other players in the reservation space. The system will default to just the “reserving member’s” name so other names need to be added. If you can’t confirm who you are playing with at the time of the reservation, that is okay, but you must add their names at least 12 hours before your court time.
Please remember to sign out of HMC once your reservation is completed!

Step 5 – An automatic email will be sent to WKPC.HMC@gmail.com confirming the reservation. These will be monitored to ensure our system is working and only members are reserving. An automatic email will also be sent for any cancellations.

If you decide to cancel the reservation, please help other members wishing to book, by cancelling your reservations on the Hold My Court site as per the instructions below.
Note – only the “reserving member” will be able to cancel the reservation or make changes to it, although all members can view all reservations.
The administration of Hold My Court can also cancel a reservation if need be, and can be reached through WKPC.HMC@gmail.com

Initial registration: Go to our reservation page https://holdmycourt.xyz/reserve2/index.php?dir=wkpc. On the reservation page, click on the link labeled Sign in or Register
At this point in time you will not require or see a place to put our WKPC I.D. number, but if we find outsiders abusing this system, we will add an I.D. number and send it out to all members.

Fill in the form for a New Registration. Make sure that your email address is correct and you include your first and last name.

                                               SIGN IN PROCEDURE:

We ask you to please sign out of ‘Hold My Court’ after booking a court. When it is time to sign in again please go back to our reservation page: https://holdmycourt.xyz/reserve2/index.php?dir=wkpc and click the link labeled Sign In or Register.

Fill in your email address and password, then click the Sign In button.

If successful, the reservation page will appear and Signed in as your name will be highlighted.

Click on the date of the reservation you wish, then click on an open link corresponding to the time and court number of the desired reservation. Submit the reservation form. If you are not already signed in, you will be taken to the sign-in page instead.

If you enter the wrong password or leave it blank, you will receive a prompt to have the password emailed to you.

Go to the date of the reservation, then click on the link for your registration. A page will be displayed with options to edit or delete the reservation. You may only make changes or delete your own reservations.

Available Booking Times depends on the court you are booking:
Because the Hold My Court system is quite limited in its ability to display information and in case it is not clear on the Hold My Court site, here are all the available 1 ½ hour booking times.
Courts 1 & 2 are for public use only
Courts 4,5,6 & 11 can be reserved for 8:00 am, 9:30 am or 11:00 am
Courts 3,7 & 10 can be reserved for 8:20 am, 9:50 am or 11:20 am
Courts 8,9 & 12 can be reserved for 8:40 am, 10:10 am or 11:40 am

Need help? Problems? Questions? About ‘Hold My Court’. Please contact                                                         WKPC.HMC@gmail.com